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Welcome to The K9 Centre Franchise Group

Seeking Expressions of Interest

We are looking for people to register their interest in becoming a franchisee of The K9 Centre Dog Training Company.

As a franchisee of The K9 Centre you can look forward to getting up every day and enjoying what you do. The saying if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life rings true here.
If you are passionate about dogs, are a people person, meaning you are genuinely interested in helping people achieve a calm, balanced relationship with their dogs.
Of course, you will understand that it is a business and certain business rules apply as they do to any business.
You will be self-motivated, maintain a level of fitness (as this is a physical occupation) and be financially capable to enter into the franchise arena.
This is not an opportunity for people looking to just buy a job.
So what does a professional dog trainer do?
On a daily basis you may work with many different people and their dogs and the multiple dynamics of problems that come with it.
You will encounter frustration from people who are at their wits end with their dog and equally you will work with people who are full of excitement and enthusiasm because they have a new puppy or maybe a rescue dog and want to start off on the right foot.
Your income will grow as your business grows. Needless to say the financial return you receive as a professional dog trainer is directly related to your investment in time, application of a proven system and your willingness to embrace your responsibilities as a new business owner.
So why should you register your interest in The K9 Centre franchising opportunity?  Simple. It is something you are interested in. If not and it is just a whim of an idea please don’t waste your time and ours. Its not that we don’t applaud your stepping into the world of business ownership we just don’t want people working with us that aren’t truly passionate about working with our clients and their dogs.
So step one is to register your interest here
There are no conditions or obligations to this. It is simply a first step so we can help you begin your process of discovery. If you have some time watch the video on this page to gain more of an insight into the franchise opportunity we are offering.
Once again thanks and I look forward to commencing this exciting journey with you.

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If you think a joining us as at the K9 Centre as a Dog Trainer is the opportunity you have been looking for then we are happy to provide you with more information. The next step is to submit your information in the form above. Fill out the required information and then we can arrange to have one of our team to contact you. Alternatively you can phone Martin the owner and head trainer on 0411530861 or fill out the form by following the link below.

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