About The K9 Centre – Dog Training is our Business

The K9 Centre is an Australian dog training company owned by Certified Specialist Dog Trainer Martin Dominick.  We are located in Queensland, Australia. We offer a wide range of dog training solutions for both the inexperienced and experienced dog owner,  both on a home base and professional level. Our background in the dog industry is diverse covering everything from pet dog training through to specialist military working dog training on a national and international basis.
For more information on our professional dog unit services, call Martin direct 0411530861.


Martin Dominick The Owner and Head trainer - K9 Smart Dog Training Franchise

Read more about out dog training programs and experience by visiting these sites:

K9Centre.com.au or K9Centre.com

Build or Expand Your Dog Training Business

Are you a new dog trainer looking to start a dog training business? Or maybe you’re an experienced trainer looking to expand your business.

This is Martin Dominick, Owner and Head Trainer of The K9 Centre, and he is here to teach you all there is to know about dog training and the business of dog training.

Martin Dominick runs two successful dog training businesses, The K9 Centre and the The K9 Centre AUS.   He has built both businesses from the ground up and they continue to grow each year.

Martin not only has over 30yrs of dog training experience behind him,  but also business experience with his own person dog training business and a successful Dog Training Franchise business.  He can help you build or grow your dog training business with the K9 Smart Online Program.